Blackadder Auditions

Auditions will be held at Mortlake Hall on Thurs 14th Nov at 7.30 pm and Sun 17th Nov at 7.00 pm. Note that the entrance is on Victoria Path rather than Mullins Path. Parking is available outside the hall. Bus routes pass along Mortlake High Street and Mortlake Station is nearby.


Please let Terry know (details below) if you cannot make either evening but do wish to audition.


We will be putting on three episodes from the Blackadder 2 BBC series - Beer, Head and Money.


Six characters appear in all three episodes. They are as follows-with very approximate playing ages:


Blackadder (30-50)

Baldrick (30-60)

Percy (20-35)

Melchett (40-70)

Queenie (20-40)

Nursey (50-70)


The following parts who appear in one episode will also be auditioned:



Lady Whiteadder (50-70)

Drinkers ( Frobisher, Partridge and Piddle) ( 20-70) These parts are interchangeable and require an ability to appear inebriated!



Lady Farrow (20-40)

Ploppy (40-65)

Mistress Ploppy (40-65)



Bishop of Bath and Wells ( 50-70)

Molly (20-40)

Arthur the Sailor (any age)

Mr Pants ( 30-60)

Mrs Pants (30-60)


Click here to download the audition pieces for you to prepare for all the above. There is one for each character with the exception of Blackadder, Percy and Queenie, for whom there are two each. You are welcome to audition for as many characters as you wish.


There are at least six other smaller parts to play. These will either be doubled up or allocated according to the numbers who audition.


Please let us know via our contact form if you require any further information.


We hope to see lots of you at the auditions, this will be a really fun production!

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