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Welcome to the BCP…

a vibrant, fun and inclusive theatre group based in Barnes, London SW13.We’re very proud to play a prominent role in our community; founded in 1989, we stage three to four shows per year including plays, musicals and pantomime.​ We act, sing, dance, create and most importantly, donate our proceeds to charitable causes. We are about to cross the £60,000 threshold of donations since the turn of the millennium. ​Always on the lookout for new members, please do contact us if you’re interested in cast or crew opportunities! ​We also welcome anyone wishing to advertise in our programmes and potential sponsors.​​​

35 year anniversary

The BCP celebrated their 35th year this Christmas, where ,members gathered and share a Christmas cheers to all the fabulous shows we have put on, and most importantly, all the money we have donated - over £60,000 since the millenium! We also put on a performed reading of Agatha Christie's An Unexpected Guest which was well received amongst the memebership. The BCP look forward to another year of successful shows and all our charity giving - we cannot wait to see you there.

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