Patrick Van den Bergh
Amanda Harker
Marie Bushell
Terry Oaks
Francesca Stone
Francesca Stone
Fergus O'Kelly

Life President

Judy Skillington


The Committee

The BCP is governed by an elected committee consisting on six members. They are elected during the AGM, two each year, and each serve for a three year term. The committee chooses its own Chair.

The elected members of the committee consist of (following the photographs):

Patrick Van den Bergh - Chairman

Amanda 'Toots' Harker - Noda Liaison

Marie Bushell - Kitson Hall Liaison

Terry Oakes - Membership Secretary

Francesca Stone - Publicity 

Kate Paterson

Apart from the elected members there are two unelected members:

Fergus O'Kelly - life President

Judy Skillington - Treasurer 

They remain on the committee until they choose to resign. They have no voting right.

The committee can, from time to time, co-opt members to the Committee. These are  unelected and carry no vote.