The Committee

The BCP is governed by an elected committee consisting on six members. They are elected during the AGM, two each year, and each serve for a three year term. The committee chooses its own Chair.

The elected members of the committee consist of (following the photographs):

Patrick Van den Bergh - Chairman

Amanda 'Toots' Harker - Noda Liaison

Marie Bushell - Kitson Hall Liaison

Terry Oakes - Membership Secretary

Francesca Stone - Publicity 

Kate Paterson

Apart from the elected members there are two unelected members:

Fergus O'Kelly - life President

Judy Skillington - Treasurer 

They remain on the committee until they choose to resign. They have no voting right.

The committee can, from time to time, co-opt members to the Committee. These are  unelected and carry no vote.

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