Our upcoming productions

Abigails Party


Weds 27th - Sat 30th July 2022

At the OSO Arts Centre, Barnes


Thurs 4th - Sat 13th August 2022

At Fleming Theatre, Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh 


The Barnes Community Players are bringing this special preview of Abigail's Party to Barnes, before it embarks on a full run at Edinburgh Fringe. The BCP have taken both Ayckbourn and Bennett plays to Edinburgh in 2018 and 2019 and are pleased to have sold out for both runs. Dates for Fringe are listed, incase you are in the area!

Beverly and Laurence are entertaining their new neighbours, Angela and Tony as well as Susan, whose teenage daughter, Abigail is having a party to which Susan has been dis-invited. Over drinks and snacks, cliches and fatuous small talk abound. The tension escalates as the marital strain between both couples surfaces. Susan's anxiety over Abigail's party accelerates as rock music permeate the room. As Beverly and Angela offer some supremely tactless remarks, reality breaks through the smugness when Laurence collapses.....



2nd October 6pm

Jenner Hall, Jenner Road

Ticket link coming soon…

Set behind the fortress-like privet hedges of England's post-war suburbs, Grief is an ominous, yet always tender domestic drama. Mike Leigh's drama is filled with suppressed feelings and hidden loss - yet always punctuated by moments of hilarity.

The BCP bring this rehearsed reading to you for one night only - not to be missed!

This is your trial

Friday November 5th at 16:30 & 20:30

At the OSO Arts Centre, Barnes



The OSO becomes a courtroom for the BCP’s 'This Is Your Trial'.

When you come to our court, your role is that of a juror. You decide the guilt of those accused. In addition, you may be called to deliver evidence, present a witness statement, or be put on trial yourself!

This Is Your Trial is an interactive and improvised comedy show. You decide your level of participation. If you are facing charges, you’ll be provided with the best legal defence your ticket price can afford!

The wizard of oz

Have a suggestion?

If you have something to suggest, then please get in touch! We put on plenty of rehearsed readings throughout the year within our membership, and are always looking for new scripts. Plus we’d love to hear more of what you like to see at the theatre!

Maybe you’d prefer to direct or produce a show? Let us know! 

Or if your interest is in helping behind the scenes, why not consider set design, costumes, lighting, sound, set painting, set construction, choreography, prop making, make-up, stage management, publicity or front of house?

Click the buttons at the bottom of the page to get in touch, or even better - join us!


Tuesday 29ths Nov - Sunday 4th Dec

Kitson Hall, Kitson Road

Ticket link coming soon…

We welcome all to the Barnes  Community Players winter show  The Wizard of Oz, a play by Arthur Bradley based on the original classic novel. 


Come with us on our magical, wonderful journey with Dorothy. Scarecrow, Tinman & Lion. Give advice to Scarecrow, hinder the Witch and warn the Tinman, and so much more.